CR4 Thank You Cup

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Aim: To develop the young peoples’ craft skills. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Creativity CR-4


• Plastic cup
• Fabric or tissue paper
• Glue
• Coloured ribbon
• Scissors
• (optional) An appropriate gift to go into cup


• Lay a fabric square upside down on the table in front of each boy.
• Give each young person one cup, which they place on the centre of the fabric/tissue paper.
• Apply glue to the top inside lip of the cup.
• Lift the fabric/tissue paper up all round the cup pressing it down inside the cup and onto the glue.
• Insert an appropriate gift (e.g. sweets).
• Give the pieces of ribbon to the young people to tie around the centre of the cup, fastening it with a bow.

Additional Activity:
Tell the young people the story of St Mark 10, verses 13-16. Explain: Jesus put his arms around the children and laid his hands on them. We enjoy the kindness of many people; it makes us feel good and happy. Do we ever tell those who are kind to us how we feel or say thank you? This year, let us try to say thank you and tell those who are kind to us how we feel. Tonight we can all take the first step with our ‘Thank You’ Cup. Take it home and give it to a special person: mum or dad, grandpa or grandma, aunt or uncle, a neighbour; and say ‘Thank you.


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