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Understand happy and sad feelings (Elephant Song)


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If You Should Meet an Elephant
If you should meet an Elephant on a summer’s day,
What would you do? What would you say?
I’d say “Good Morning Elephant, how do you do?
I’m glad to meet you elephant, I’d like to dance with you.”

Ladybird Guides form two circles one inside the other with girls facing each other.
Ladybird Guides pretend to be elephants using their arm as a trunk.
Ladybird Guides shake the right hand of the girl opposite.
Ladybird Guides shake the left-hand of the girl opposite.
Ladybird Guides join hands and dance with their partner four steps to the left and four steps to the right.
Repeat substituting other animals and actions e.g. kangaroo, snake, monkey.


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