M2 Learning about Money

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Aim: To give the young people an idea about the value of money. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro pack Mind M-2


Have sets of all the coins we use in everyday shopping. Put them on a tray and get the young people to try and remember what each of them are worth. Cover them up and take one away. See if they know which one is missing. Do this several times.


Coins Again
Try putting the coins under some greaseproof paper and using a crayon rub it gently over each coin. Try turning the coins over and doing the same again.

A Coin Paperweight
Try collecting some old or foreign coins to make a paperweight. Cut a circle of card using a coffee jar lid. Stick on a layer of coins. When they are dry stick on another layer and so on until you have built a pyramid of coins. Varnish once it is completely dry. They take quite a bit of time to dry so this could be done over a few weeks.

A Line of Pennies
Another thing to do for Charity, but which involves all the member: collect pennies from them, their relatives, friends, church members etc and arrange to make a line of pennies in a public place, perhaps on a Saturday morning, and you might get the public to help. Choose a Charity and do some posters. Do not forget to get permission from the local authority.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack M2


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