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Two simple quizzes for use with Anchors. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Mind M-4


None see below


Simple true/false answers are best, as boys don’t need to read or write. Or boys could give answers verbally.

An alternative to written or verbal responses, is to give each boy/pair/small group two cards, one with a tick and one with a cross. The team/boy then holds up the answer.
David & Goliath Quiz:
Tell the story of David & Goliath before using this quiz.

Did David look after the sheep? YES
Was David the eldest son? NO
Was David chosen to be the next king? YES
Was Goliath an Israelite? NO
Was David scared of Goliath? NO
Did Goliath wear armour? YES
Did David kill Goliath? YES
Did David use a stone to kill Goliath? YES
Was Jonathan David’s best friend? YES
Did Jonathan want to kill David? YES

What is the colour of...?
1. Postbox (Red)
2. A Junior Section sweatshirt (Blue)
3. A lemon (Yellow)
4. Middle traffic light (Orange or Amber)
5. Daffodil (Yellow)
6. Planet Mars (Red)
7. £1 coin (Gold)
8. Soil/Earth (Brown)
9. Zebra crossing (Black or White)
10. Grass (Green)

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack M4


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