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Aim: To make a head with growing hair and to understand how light affects how things grow. This activity is best completed over two weeks. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Mind M-6


• Hard boiled eggs, one per ‘egghead’
• Coloured felt tipped pens or paints
• Potting compost, or cotton wool
• Cress seeds
• A little water
• Cardboard egg boxes
• Scissors


1. Remove the top of the shell on the hard-boiled eggs.
2. Scoop out the contents leaving the sides clean of any egg, an adult may need to help with this.
3. Paint or draw a face on the shell using coloured felt tipped pens.
4. Put some potting compost or cotton wool into the eggshell, add a little water.
5. Sprinkle a pinch of cress seed onto the soil or cotton wool.

The upturned cardboard egg boxes can be used to make a stand for the egghead.
1. Cut the six papier-mâché ‘egg cups’ from the box. Carefully cut out the bottom from the ‘cup’. Turn the cup upside down, and the egghead should stand on the top of the upturned ‘cup’.
2. If time allows, the egghead holders could be painted or coloured in.

The young people can either take their eggheads home or bring them back next week to show how the hair has grown from the egghead, or, if there is a suitable safe place, the eggheads could be left by a light window in the meeting hall. If the eggheads are to be left, don’t forget to label them with the members’ names.

The following week, get the young people to look at how the ‘hair’ has grown on their egghead. Why is some ‘hair’ longer than others, or has some failed to grow? Why has some grown all in one direction? Why is some pale yellow instead of green? Where did they keep their eggheads at home? Who put theirs in the airing cupboard? Who put their egghead on the windowsill? Who got someone at home to look after his egghead?

The seeds need warmth to grow but not too much, otherwise the seed will dry out and not have enough water. If the seeds are too cold or too wet they will not germinate and grow into plants. If the seeds are warm but do not have enough light, they will not grow properly and be very weak and thin (pale yellow). If the cress has grown all to one side, the plants have grown towards to the light.

Plants need water, warmth and light so that they can grow properly. Cress seeds are only small plants that live for a few weeks. What plants grow very big? Which plants need very little water? Which plants need lots of water?

Suggested short devotion: Genesis – verses 3 to 9.

God made the light, and called the light ‘day’, and the darkness, ‘night’. God then separated the water into sea and the land, and the land produced plants of all kinds with seeds and fruits.

For full details see the BB Anchors pro pack M6


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