Water For Life: Help Save Water

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Help Save Water activity for Water For Life badge


Equipment: food colouring, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mugs/plastic cups, buckets?


Activity One - toilet leaks

Leaders can do this activity at their meeting place and then have girls do it at home with their parents/caregivers.
• First, put food colouring into the toilet cistern and then wait for a while before continuing with the activity.
• Now, check the bowl — has the food colouring appeared in the toilet bowl without flushing?
• If it has, then your toilet is leaking. You should have the toilet fixed to help save water.

Activity Two - brushing your teeth

This is a good way to brush your teeth when camping.
• Have girls bring their toothbrushes to your next meeting
• Get the girls to clean their teeth using a running tap with the plug in and then brush their teeth with the tap turned off and a mug of water to rinse.
• How much water do you save by using the mug?
Question - How many buckets of water will be saved, if all the girls use a mug each morning and night?


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