Water For Life: Water - We can't live without it

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Water is very important in our daily lives - in fact, nothing can live without it.


Equipment: large cardboard sheets cut into puddles, felt pens, sheets of paper


Activity - puddle fun
• Place large cardboard puddle shapes on the ground outside. Give girls a felt pen each and have them hop from puddle to puddle.
• Ask the girls to write on each puddle, one of the ways they use water each day from the time they get up in the morning until they go to bed at night.
• Ask them how they would feel if the water we used each day was dirty and unfit for drinking. Stress how lucky we are that we have good clean water and that all we need to do is turn on a tap.
• On a fresh piece of paper, have them use the letters from the words “Fresh Clean Water” and make up as many other words as they can, (eg. near, ant, can, wet, etc). This can be done individually or in small group


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