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Aim: To create some messy art. To create art using a salad spinner. To create an using marbles. To create art using masking tape. To paint a window. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack CR-2-5


Activity 1
• Salad Spinner (A salad spinner is a plastic bowl with a removable plastic strainer and special top, that when closed and activated, spins the strainer inside the bowl)
• A4 Paper (plain or coloured)
• Coloured Poster Paint

Activity 2
• Coloured poster paint
• Shallow paint tray or foil tray
• Marbles
• Plain paper
• Aprons

Activity 3
• Coloured Poster Paint
• Masking Tape
• Coloured Sugar Paper
• Apron

Activity 4
• 2 tablespoons powdered tempera paint
• 1 tablespoon warm water
• 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid
• Equal solution of vinegar and water
• Old towel or rag
• Mixing bowl
• Mixing spoon
• Newspaper (to cover the floor)
• Paintbrush
• Windows
• Aprons


Activity 1 - Salad Spinner Art

Aim: To create art using a salad spinner.

Cut squares or rectangles of paper that will fit flat in the basket of the salad spinner.

Using the salad spinner:
• Place a piece of paper into the salad spinner.
• Squeeze three-to-five different colours of paint onto the paper.
• Put the lid on the spinner.
• Turn the handle rapidly, after a minute, pull off the cover and see the results.
• Allow to dry.

if you do not have a Salad Spinner’ you should be able to purchase one at a retailer selling cooking/kitchen equipment, there is large range available online.

Activity 2 - Marble Painting

Aim: To create an using marbles.

• Put a piece of plain paper into the tray.
• Squeeze five or so drops of paint indifferent colours over the page.
• Place one marble onto a drop of paint.
• Next, gently tilt the box so the marble rolls across the page, going through the paint and dragging it over the paper.

Activity 3 - Masking Tape Art

Aim: To create art using masking tape.

Cut the masking tape into a variety of different lengths and sizes.

• Stick strips of masking tape in any design onto the coloured sugar paper
• Paint over the paper and tape with different paints.
• When dried, remove the tape to see the remaining design.

Crayons and Marker pens can be used as an alternative to poster paints.

Activity 4 - Window Painting

Aim: To paint a window.

• Ensure you get permission before doing this activity.
• Cover the floor and window sills with newspaper.

To make the paint mixture:
• Measure the powdered paint into the mixing bowl and stir in the warm water until the mixture is smooth.
• Add the dishwashing liquid and stir well, avoiding making soap suds.

To remove the paint:
• Make a solution with equal parts water and vinegar, one cup of each should be enough to remove the paint from one window using an old rag.

Before allowing the children to start painting ask them what they are thinking of painting and plan this out so you know what is trying to be achieved. Depending upon the size of the window your could get the children to do different parts, The painting could tell a story.

Now get the children to paint a picture on the window. You could set a theme for the children or could paint a picture according to the time of year for example Christmas or summer.

The paint mixture could be made up prior to the activity to allow more time.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
As an alternative to using windows you could use a sheet of A4 acetate per child.

For full details refer to BB Anchors Pro Pack CR2-5


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