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Cook something on a terracotta pot BBQ - Supported by GGNZ National Programme Team


large terracotta plant pot
charcoal (or wood)
soil or sand
methylated spirits
bucket of water for emergency
food and utensils


Half fill pot with soil or sand and then place a tinfoil lining over the soil and up the sides of the pot. Use at least 3-4 layers of tinfoil to line the inside of your pot.
Fill to near top with charcoal and add a little meths, or if using wood create your teepee structure inside the pot using your punk and kindling
Prepare food for cooking and light charcoal
Place food for cooking onto heat. Take care not to smother the top of the fire – the air needs to get in!

- Have the usual rules about safety around fires, including hair tied back, remove/tuck in dangly clothing, closed toed shoes, sensible behaviour
- If you want to cook using a pot or a frying pan you can place a BBQ grate or wire/cast iron rack on top of the terracotta pot. Remember to coat the outside of the pot or frying pan (on the bottom) to help the soot wash off easily when doing the dishes
- If you are using wood and need good hot embers, remember to start your fire before preparing food so that it has time for the flames to die down and the embers to be created

Food suggestions:
-Orange muffins - cook in half an orange scooped out.
-Banana dream boat - banana slit down inside curve with chopped marshmallows and chocolate chippies or milo.
-Toast on a stick and spread with butter and honey.
-Banana split and stuffed with squares of hazelnut chocolate, wrapped in foil
-Savoury parcels wrapped in foil and heated through - Pre-boiled potatoes, chopped ham, cheese, seasonings, sauces
-Pineapple rings rolled in brown sugar, either ‘toasted’ or wrapped in foil and heated
-Doughnuts – bought ones, warmed on a stick or in foil
-Cheese sandwiches, buttered on the outside, heated in foil
-Pop corn, Place a small amount of oil , salt and 1 tbsp popcorn in tinfoil, wrap and leave room for expansion! When popped sprinkle with parmesan cheese
-Cooked chicken, butter, BBQ sauce, cooked potato, seasonings
-Wedges of potato, garlic, cheese, wrapped in foil; serve with sour cream, chopped parsley or add sweet chilli sauce
-Garlic bread, wrapped in foil
-Corn on the cob
-1 Chopped apple, sultanas, chopped nuts, 3 marshmallows, 1 tsp butter and 1 tbsp honey or syrup – cook in a foil pouch
-Fruit or veggie kebabs
-Chopped potato, rosemary, butter and paprika, wrapped in foil
-Bacon on skewers, and then wrap in bread to eat
-Damper - flour, water, salt - mixed into a dough and wrapped around a stick, eat with butter and jam


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