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Terracotta pot cooking

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Cook something on a terracotta pot BBQ


terracotta plant pot
soil or sand
methylated spirits
bucket of water for emergency
food and utensils


Half fill pot with soil and then place a tinfoil lining over the soil and up the sides of the pot. Fill to near top with charcoal and add a little meths. Prepare food for cooking and light charcoal. Place food for cooking onto heat. Take care not to smother the top of the fire – the air needs to get in!

Note: have the usual rules about safety around fires, including hair tied back, remove/tuck in dangly clothing, closed toed shoes, sensible behaviour

Food suggestions:
-Orange muffins - cook in half an orange scooped out.
-Banana dream boat - banana slit down inside curve with chopped marshmallows and chocolate chippies or milo.
-Toast on a stick and spread with butter and honey.
-Banana split and stuffed with squares of hazelnut chocolate, wrapped in foil
-Savoury parcels wrapped in foil and heated through - Pre-boiled potatoes, chopped ham, cheese, seasonings, sauces
-Pineapple rings rolled in brown sugar, either ‘toasted’ or wrapped in foil and heated
-Doughnuts – bought ones, warmed on a stick or in foil
-Cheese sandwiches, buttered on the outside, heated in foil
-Pop corn, Place a small amount of oil , salt and 1 tbsp popcorn in tinfoil, wrap and leave room for expansion! When popped sprinkle with parmesan cheese
-Cooked chicken, butter, BBQ sauce, cooked potato, seasonings
-Wedges of potato, garlic, cheese, wrapped in foil; serve with sour cream, chopped parsley or add sweet chilli sauce
-Garlic bread, wrapped in foil
-Corn on the cob
-1 Chopped apple, sultanas, chopped nuts, 3 marshmallows, 1 tsp butter and 1 tbsp honey or syrup – cook in a foil pouch
-Fruit or veggie kebabs
-Chopped potato, rosemary, butter and paprika, wrapped in foil
-Bacon on skewers, and then wrap in bread to eat
-Damper - flour, water, salt - mixed into a dough and wrapped around a stick, eat with butter and jam


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