CR2-9 Insects

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Introduction: Children gain their early understanding of insects through film, television and books. They will also get an understanding of how to respond to insects from the adults in their lives. The portrayal of insects in film and TV is very far from the reality of insects so it is good to give some facts to the children whilst they are doing their craft activities. Some children can be very afraid of insects, particularly bees. Bees sting defensively when they feel threatened, so the children need to remember that and also know how important bees are for honey and pollinating flowers. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack CR-2-9


Activity 1
• Card
• Paper
• Sellotape
• Glue
• Scissors
• Colouring pens/pencils

Activity 2
• A piece of paper per child
• Thin cardboard (like from a cereal box)
• Scissors
• Pencils
• Markers, crayons, or paint
• Sticky tape
• 2 pennies per butterfly
• Optional: a small lump of clay and a small stick

Activity 3
• Smooth rocks or stones
• Red and Black paint
• Pipe cleaners (Chenielle stems) for antennae and legs
• Glue
• Movable eyes

Activity 4
• Egg boxes
• Bottle tops
• White paper
• Pens
• Pipe Cleaners
• Paint
• Sticky tape
• Scissors

Activity 5
• A plastic spoon
• Cotton buds
• Scissors
• Air-drying clay

Activity 6
• Black paper
• Wiggle eyes
• Black wool
• Glue

Activity 7
• 2 Pencil rubbers per buzzer
• Craft stick
• index card
• Staple
• String
• Flat rubber band


Activity 1 - Watch The Butterfly Fly!

Aim: To create a butterfly shaped finger puppet.

• From black card, cut out oval shape for butterfly body.
• Cut two heart shapes out of patterned paper. Overlap these two hearts at pointed end and stick together.
• Glue the body of the butterfly on top of wings.
• Add antennae to the back of butterfly.
• Cut out a finger band from paper and form into a ring to fit each child’s finger.
• Attach to back of butterfly using tape.

Activity 2 - Butterfly Balancer

Aim: To make a balancing butterfly, to understand the idea of balance/weight.

Optional: In order to save time, you could create the butterfly template beforehand.

• Fold a piece of paper and trace half a butterfly shape. This is done symmetry which is important for the balancing later.
• Cut it out
• Trace the butterfly shape onto the cardboard.
• Cut out the butterfly and decorate it using markers or pens.
• Tape two pennies to the back of the butterfly.
• Now you can balance the butterfly on the end of a pencil or you can make a stand for your butterfly by putting a stick into a ball of clay.

Activity 3 - Rock Creatures

Aim: To create animals out of stones.

Wash the rocks removing all din particles and let them dry.

• Paint the stones and let dry (e.g. paint red with black spots for ladybirds or black for spiders).
• Glue on eyes.
• Glue on the pipe cleaners as antennae and legs.

Activity 4 - Egg Box Creatures

Aim: To make a model of an insect.

• Cut out two egg cups from the egg box. This will form your ant’s body.
• Hold three pipe cleaners together in the middle and bend the top pipe cleaner upwards and the bottom one downwards. Stick them together in the middle with some sticky tape. These are your ants legs.
• Take another pipe cleaner and cut it in half, One half will make the antennae. Bend it around to make the right shape. Bring the body back in and stick everything together
• Use bottle tops as eyes and stick them on with sticky tapes. Draw on pupils.
• Colour in your ant.

Activity 5 - Spoon Bug

Aim: To make an individual bug.

• Roll a lump of clay into a bail. Then squash and mould the clay ball into the plastic spoon to make a stone shape.
• Cut the cotton buds approx. 1 cm from the cotton ends very carefully with scissors.
• Stick the cotton buds into the clay to make the bug legs and then leave to dry.
• Once the clay is dry slide the bug out of the spoon and turn it over.
• Paint the completed bug.

Activity 6 - Hand Print Spider

• Draw around both hands with fingers spread out and thumbs tight against index fingers.
• Cut out the hands and glue them together so that the palms form the spiders body and the fingers its legs.
• Glue on the wiggle eyes.
• Make a small hole through the centre of the body.
• Thread the wool through the hole and tie into a knot.
• Now you can hang your spider from the ceiling.

Activity 7 - What's The Buzz?

Aim: To create an instrument to create insect sounds.

• To make one, start by slipping a pencil rubber onto each end of a craft stick.
• Trim an index card into a 3-inch square. (You could decorate it with wasp like stripes.) Centre the card between the erasers and staple it to the craft stick.
• Tie one end of a metre of string on the craft stick between the card and rubber.
• Stretch a flat rubber band around the rubber ends- Get your hummer buzzing by swinging it in a circle above your head.

For an instruction video on how to make this watch

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack CR2-9


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