What's Gluten Free Mean?

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Gluten-sensitivity and conditions like Coeliac's disease are becoming more common. Each year when we sell Girl Guide Biscuits we're asked for a gluten-free option. But just what does that mean? This activity compares five different flours and the grain or plant they derive from.


Five small jars (mustard jars are perfect) with tight lids, filled with one of five different flours. Label lids with numbers 1 - 5.
Print out of the sheet with different grains and plants and a space to write the number of which flour matches which plant.
We used (from top to bottom of sheet): plain wheat flour, buckwheat flour, chickpea flour, rice flour and corn flour.


Distribute sheet to girls and explain about gluten-sensitivity/Coeliac's Disease.
Talk about Girl Guide Biscuits using plain wheat flour.
Show girls jars of flour and get them to determine which flour matches which plant. We encouraged our girls to smell, taste and touch the flours, and look closely at the colours to make their decisions.

You can extend this by baking or cooking something using these flours, or developing your own gluten-free 'girl guide biscuit'.


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