Brown Owl has her Hand Up

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Objective – to teach common signals and rules at Brownie
You need – a large open space (like a Gym)
Game is based on “Captain’s Coming“




At the beginning of the game the caller explains the instructions to the players. When the game starts, the caller will call the commands out and the players will follow them. You can make it into a race whereby the last one to make it into position is eliminated. But probably not so great for the first meeting.
Commands/Actions (some are silent)
1. Brown Owl Has her Hand Up (Silent) – You’re quiet and put your hand up too
2. Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap – Girls repeat the clapping pattern (2 – 3 times max)
3. Someone Screamed! – Girls go shhhhhh and put their finger to their mouth
4. Why are you running? – Girls start running around and respond “Because it’s a Game Brown Owl!”
5. Whistle Blows (you’ll need a whistle) – line up in front of caller ready for evacuation. .
6. Brownies, Brownies, Where are you? – Girls respond “Here we are, Here we are, How do you do?” and run to whoever sang it.
7. North! (they run to the North side of the gym) South! East! West!
8. Make New Friends – Make the Brownie sign and shake hands (left hand!) with the friends around them.
9. “Promise Sign” – each girl makes Promise sign
10.“Going Camping” – Find a Partner, face each other, hold arms high and touch hands, to make a tent shape
11. “S’mores” – rub hand across stomach to show how good it was, and then rub hands over face to wipe off the chocolate and sticky marshmallow – keep repeating until the next “command”
12. “Paddle your canoe” – in groups of three – two sit on floor facing each other and extend legs with feet touching, the third person sits on floor between the open legs and pretends to paddle the “canoe”


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