IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Friendship Option 02

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Look at your network of friends and discuss the differences between associates, acquaintances, other friends and good friends (Intimacy)


 Copies of cards ‘levels 1 to 3’ – see next page for each Patrol of six Guides.
 Labels with A, B,C and X,Y and Z for each Patrol.


Explain the meaning of levels of relationships and draw the diagram: (see attachement)

 ACQUAINTANCES: people you just know and may say ‘hello’ to but you don’t go out of your way to meet them
 ASSOCIATES: people you do not know well but work or go to school with them or join them to do something when you meet
 OTHER FRIENDS: people you like and meet often enough but you don’t feel all that close to them
 CLOSE FRIENDS: people you like a lot and meet often and with whom you share your troubles and secrets

Copy and cut out a set of cards for each Patrol

Relationships and Sexuality

Activity: Levels of Intimacy
Aim: to understand levels of intimacy in relationships
Equipment: copies of cards (levels 1 to 3) for each six Guides


• Divide Guides into Patrols of six, each labelled A, B, C and X, Y and Z.
• Give out cards (printed on previous page) to A, B, C as follows:
A: Level 1 – The Meeting
B: Level 2 – Exchanging Information
C: Level 3 – Sharing
• Now ask them to sit in the form of a merry-go-round as in the diagram
• A, B and C begin a conversation with the
person opposite them based on the questions on the card.
• After a minute or two ask those on the
outside (X, Y and Z) to move one place to the right
and A, B, C begin the same conversation again.
• Repeat once more until the
“merry-go-round” is complete.
• Call the Guides together and discuss the exercise
with them:
…X, Y and Z, was there any difference in the discussion
with A, B and C?
…what do you think were the differences?
…when you meet with a person first, what level would you use?
…what people would you talk to at level 1? 2? 3?
…when would you discuss the issues at level 1, 2 and 3?

• Conclude by noting:
 We build relationships by our communication with other people
 The level of communication is built up by the trust
we have in others
 We will not be willing to share our innermost thoughts with those whom we do not trust


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