M9 Senses Games

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Aim: To make the young people aware of the body’s different senses. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Mind M-9


• Blindfold
• Smelly objects
• 2 different kinds of cola
• Flavours of ice cream
• Different flavour crisps
• Paper bag
• Feely bag items



• Blindfold
• Smelly objects

• Each young person takes it in turn to be blindfolded.
• In front of them on a table there will be objects that have distinctive smells e.g. onion, coffee, mint, vinegar, orange, tea, tomato ketchup, etc. (It is best to keep objects covered until time to smell.)
• Give the young person three guesses as to what the object is.
• The game can also be played in teams with a whole team allowed to smell the item and confer.

• Blindfold
• Various tastes

For this exercise the young people should work in pairs. One will be blindfolded, the other will guide.
• Place on a table objects for the boys to taste, eg. flavoured crisps, drinks, ice cream, fruit, one of each of these different things.
• Then on each table also place a piece of paper on which the non blindfolded boys will write down what the blindfold person thinks the different tastes are.
• Switch over the pairs so everyone tries at the taste test

• Feely bag of items

The activity can be played in a group.
• In a non transparent bag place an item and ask one boy to try and work out what the item is, only through feeling.
• When the object is identified, exchange it for a new item and ask a different young person to try to identify it.
• Some good examples are coins, string, rubber, peg, nut, button, spoon, key etc.

• One member acts as a detective and leave the room.
• When he is out of hearing range the rest of the group between them decide whose voice hey can record on to a tape recorder.
• The ‘detective’ returns, listens to the tape recording and tries to decide whose voices recorded.
• If the ‘detective’ doesn’t guess after three attempts he has failed.
• The game can then be repeated for all of those who wish to be the ‘detective’.

Alternatively, put a number of boxes on a table, with a clock under one. Young people attempt to locate the clock by listening for its tick.

Or record a few common sounds on the tape such as, toilet flush, car driving, tearing paper, jangling keys, clapping hands, whistling, kettle boiling.

• Wink murder is a very easy game to play in a group.
• As before one person is the ‘detective’ and leaves the room while the rest of the group decide on a ‘murderer’.
• The ‘murderer’ kills their victims by winking at them.
• All participants sit in a circle with the ‘detective’ standing in the middle. The ‘murderer’ is also in the circle. When the murderer winks at any of the people in the circle they must lie down and ‘die’.
• It is the ‘detective’s job to try and work out who the murderer is in the quickest time possible.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack M9


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