M13 Treasure Hunts

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In a treasure hunt players have to solve a series of clues leading them to some ‘treasure’. Treasure hunts are very adaptable. You can have them indoors or out, and they can last anything from 10 minutes to a whole afternoon. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack M-13


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Setting a Course:
Decide where to hide the clues. Below are some ideas

• In the park – on main gate, on slide, on bench, on tree stump, by litter bin, on steps.
• Indoors – under seats, on tables, under door handles, in boxes.

Positioning your Clues:
Give the players the first clue at the start of the hunt and put the second clue at the first location, and so on through the rest of the course. At the last location you hide the treasure instead of a clue. Your clues must be positioned where each person can find them and then without too much difficulty, put them back for the next person to find. To make sure clues don’t get lost or blow away use masking tape to fix them in position, or write them on cards and thread string through them from the appropriate places. You could write several copies of each clue for the players to save them having to memorise them.

Writing Clues:
Remember that each clue has to indicate the place where they will find the next clue. For younger children who are not yet confident readers, it is enough simply to write the name of the next place.

• Invisible clue – write the clue in lemon juice. The paper then has to be heated, say on a radiator, for the clue to appear.
• Balloon clue – blow up a balloon and write the clue on it in felt-tip pen. When the writing is dry let the balloon down.
• Lipstick clue – write a clue in lipstick on a window or a mirror.
• Jigsaw clue – write the clue in bold letters on a piece of card. Cut it up into several pieces and put in an envelope.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack M13


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