Scouting Pokemon

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From Paul Harris on 1st Facebook Scout Group


String or rope
2 x sponge / soft balls

Using the string or rope mark out the playing area. If you are playing indoors use the middle third of the room.


The Beavers / Cubs/ Scouts/ Explorers stand inside the marked off playing area, they are the Pokémon. 2 people are chosen by a leader to be the Pokémon collectors and stand outside the playing area at opposite ends. Each collector is given a soft ball. Once the game begins the collectors have to throw/ roll the ball at the Pokémon aiming to hit them below the knee. If a Pokémon is hit, they go and sit behind the collector that hit them. The collector then retrieves the ball and throws / rolls again until all the Pokémon have been collected. The winner is the collector who has successfully collected the most Pokémon.
2 new collectors ae then chosen and the game can start again.

Once everyone has had a go at being the collector who ever collected the most Pokémon is the overall winner. If you have more than one person with the same amount of Pokémon collected you can have a playoff to determine the winner.

If you have a large group of young people, you can play the game over several weeks to determine a winner.



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