Put up Tents

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Put up four man tent indoors as a Patrol and then learn how to put tent back into bag correctly!


Young leader leading activity
4 Man tent


Individual patrols learn how to put up a four man tent using teamwork and communication skills. During the building of tent young leader/Leader
Discuss how to look after the tent. (poles easily break, sharp objects can make holes, keeping inside tidy, no food left around etc etc)
Safety around the tent with the guy ropes out
Importance of not letting the inner tent touch the outer skin when it's wet. (i.e. they will leak!!!)
Ensure Scouts are able to identify what problems they may encounter at a campsite and the importance of using bug net during day if not rain to let the tent air. Identify the reasoning of where they would pitch a tent and where not.


  • camp
  • camp equipment
  • tent pitching

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