M2-9 Colours

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Aim: To learn about colour. Introduction: Teaching children about colours does not have to be all about using worksheets. Talking to the children about the colours in the world, they will be stimulated to thinking about the
magnificence and beauty of the world. Colour recognition is important and playing games to reinforce that recognition is fun and children feel good about learning. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Mind M-2-9


Activity 1

Activity 2
See preparation section

Activity 3
• Coloured paper
• A4 blank paper
• Pens/Pencils
• Glue

Activity 4
• Rainbow template
• Colouring pens/pencils/crayons or paint
• Colour example of a rainbow


Activity 1 - Colour Salad

Aim: To recognise colours quickly.

• Put all the chairs in a circle.
• Give each child a colour. (each colour should have about 4-5 people assigned)
• When you call out the colour, all the children who have that colour need to change seats with each other. The last person to sit is asked to name something that is of that colour.
• After they have the idea, when you call out a colour, you can take one of the seats so there is a child in the middle of the group.
• If you want all the children to change seats call out rainbow”.
• Instead of calling the colour you could hold up something of the appropriate colour.

Activity 2 - Colour Hunt

Equipment: Coloured items placed around the hail area,

Place of items around the hall.

• Each child is given five points.
• Children are in the middle of the room.
• You have to call out a colour.
• They have to run around the room and find something that is the colour that you’ve called out and run to touch it.
• They then return to the middle of the room.
• Last person to touch that colour loses a point.
• After 5 minutes see how many points each child has left.

Activity 3 - All The Colours

Aim: To use different colours and know what we associate with certain colours.

From the coloured paper cut out the colour circles in as many colours as possible, as required for the number of children.

• Give each child a piece of paper and tell them that they are going to make a coloured caterpillar.
• Have some pre-cut paper circles of different colours.
• Call out a colour and get the children to pick the same coloured circle and put it on their paper.
• Repeat this eight times with a colour order. E.g. blue, red, green, yellow, blue, red green, yellow.
• The children then stick their circles slightly overlapping and at an angle to create the caterpillar.
• They should have the same coloured caterpillar and have been able to recognise the word and colour and follow the pattern that was set.
• Then get the children to draw legs, a face and antennae.
• They can each take their picture home.
• You could then ask the children what they associate with each of the colours (eg. green = grass)

Activity 4 - Rainbow Colouring

Aim: To help with colour recognition.

Print out template and complete one to show how it looks.

Give each child a template sheet and ask them to colour it in,

Devotion Links:
The story of God’s promise to Noah and the rainbow can be used and incorporated into this activity. Genesis 8.20-9.17.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack M2-9


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