Good camper, bad camper relay

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A relay game for Keas in preparation for a sleepover


Various items you can take with you on a sleepover/camp (e.g. toothbrush, pyjamas, teddy, ditty bag, soap, rain jacket etc)
Various items that aren't suitable for a sleepover/camp (e.g. electronic devices, lollies (sweets) etc)


Put the rucksack at one end of the hall.
In front of it, lay out all the items you've got, in no particular order.
Sit the Keas in posses at the other end of the hall.
One at a time, a Kea from each posse runs up the hall and chooses one item they think should be taken on a sleepover/camp and puts it in the rucksack. Each correct item they put in the rucksack gets their posse a point.
The game ends when all correct items are in the rucksack.
Discuss with Keas why some items aren't suitable for a sleepover.


  • camp kit
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  • Sleepover Preparation

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