33 Balloon Release

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Challenge: Release 100 balloons as part of a balloon race. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack Challenge 33


• Balloons
• Helium
• Tags
• Ribbon
• Netting


A balloon release can be a good fundraiser. All you have to do is sell the balloon tags and the winner is the one whose tag is returned from the furthest distance away from the place of release. Follow the instructions below:

• Work out the cost of balloons, helium, netting and labels.
• Calculate how much you will sell each balloon for, ensuring that you make a good profit.
• Create the balloon race labels. Include the return name and address of your SB Company, and leave an appropriate place for the buyer’s name and address, Finish by adding a request that the finder should post it back.
• Organise some prizes for those people whose balloon labels are returned from furthest away.
• Advertise the event and sell the balloon race labels.
• Inflate the balloons with helium on the day of the event, leaving ample time to attach the labels.
• Store the balloons under a net and at the appropriate point release them.

• Have as good a prize as you can afford for the balloon that travels the furthest distance. You could try and get someone to donate it.
• Give a prize to the most successful seller.
• Contact your local press.
• For release of 1000 balloons and over you will need permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.
• Think about how you are going to release your balloons.
• Expect a team of three to be able to inflate about 150 balloons in an hour. Do not start too early and never blow up balloons on the day before as they always lose gas.
• Always tie your balloons by hand with a knot in the neck.
• By advertising that balloons will be released from a balloon net at the end of an event you will ensure that visitors stay to see this spectacular conclusion.
• Create a wall map indicating from where labels have been returned.

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack Challenge 33


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