S5 devotions: Prayer People

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Aim: Teaching young people how to pray. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-5


• Gingerbread men shapes – at least one for each boy
• Marker pens


This can be used as an Opening Service, or during a devotional period during the Evening.

Cut out a number of gingerbread-men shapes, enough for all the young people.

The Talk:

Prayer People

... pray always for all God’s people. (Ephesians 6:18)

Explain that God likes us to pray for the particular needs of our friends, neighbours and families. Invite the boys to use the shapes to write short prayers for people they know. Stick all the finished prayers to the wall with Blue-tack. You could arrange the shapes to form a long line or a pyramid. In subsequent weeks, take another look at the prayers. Thank God for answered prayers and continue to pray for those situations that still cause concern.

Have ready some blank shapes so that children can add new prayers to the collection.

For full details see BB Anchors Pro Pack S5


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