S9 God and Us

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Aim: To make the message that God cares for each one of us relevant to Anchor Boys & Girls. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro pack S-9


• White card
• 2 circles of different diameters
• A photograph of each boy
• Wool or string
• Colouring pencils or crayons
• Paper glue
• Safety scissors
• Hole punch
• Black marker pen



This craft requires the following preparation before the evening:

1. Draw two concentric circles one inside the other on a sheet of white card (approximately 15 cm and 9 cm in diameter).
2. In between the two circles, write the message “All our lives GOD cares about us.” This will need to be done using a marker pen to ensure that when the card is coloured the text is still legible. Alternatively, the text may be written as “bubble writing” and the boys can colour the letters a different colour. This is particularly suitable for older anchor members.
3. Photocopy this template for each young person.
4. Cut out the template.
5. Hole punch each template to allow the string or wool to be attached.

1. Each young person colours his template. There are many possibilities for this. It will depend on the age and ability of the member.
2. Leaders cut the photograph of the boy to size so that it will fit within the inner circle of
the template.
3. The photograph is glued to the centre of the template.
4. Wool or string is threaded through the punched holes to allow the template to be hung on a wall or as a mobile.

Suggested ideas for progression for 1st/2nd/3rd year members:

Progression within this craft is largely through the colouring of the template. Leaders should feel free to alter the template as they see fit to allow different methods of decoration.

Leaders may also feel it appropriate to allow the young people to glue the photograph on by themselves.

For full details see BB Anchors Pro pack S9


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