S12 Harvest Time

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Aim: Convey to young people the concept of harvest time. These activities have been designed for completion over one or two weeks, depending on how much time you want to spend on each activity. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Spirit S-12


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Week One
Talk to the young people about Autumn and Harvest time. The parable of the rich young ruler is a good Bible passage to read or tell the story (Luke 12 v16-21). If appropriate, take the young people out to collect nuts, cones, leaves, etc., or use those that have been bought in, either by leader or young people.

• Collect leaves, nuts, cones, etc., or ask the young people to bring them from home.

Week Two
Ask the young people to remind you of what you talked about last time, paying attention to the moral of the Bible passage. Make a collage on stiff card. Have lots of different types of dried foods, peas, butter beans, soup mix, split peas, pasta etc and get young people to make their own harvest collage.

Additional Activity: Thinking about Others

Having completed your theme on Harvest, gather some pictures of people in less developed countries, explaining to the young people how these people have very poor harvests and sometimes not at all. Ask the young people what they think they could do to help.

Some ideas:
• Collect used stamps to donate to a charity
• Aluminium cans
• Sponsor a child (a company activity)
• Fill shoeboxes for Rumanian children
• Give nearly new clothes to the Charity shop
• Give nearly new toys to Barnardos
• Have a collection for a Children’s Hospice

Some of the ideas in the harvest theme (week two) can be utilised for other times of the year, for example why not try a winter collage.

For full details see BB Anchors Pro Pack S12


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