S17 Matthew - The Taxman

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Aim: To show that Jesus wants us all to follow him. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-17




Reader 1: Matthew yawned, scratched his head and jumped up in bed. Then he fell plop back into bed and pulled the blankets over his head.

Matthew: “Ugh, how dare my servants go and follow Jesus.”

Reader 2: Matthew worked down by the seashore. He bossed everyone about.

Matthew: “I’m important. Everyone pays when I say.”

Reader 2: Everyone grumbled, but no one dared argue with Matthew.

Reader 3: Jesus walked along the beach right up to where Matthew was sitting.

Jesus: “You come and follow me.”

Reader 4: Matthew looked at Jesus and slowly got to his feet. He left the table piled high with money and followed Jesus.

Reader 5: Matthew took Jesus home and made a great meal for him. All Matthew’s friends came to meet Jesus. They learnt that Jesus wants everyone to follow him – it does not matter how bad they’ve been.

Members could mime actions as the story or poem is read.

Matthew Poem

Matthew was a greedy man,
He took money from everyone,
Piled it high upon his desk,
Didn’t care about the rest.

“Line up! Line up!” he shouted,
“I haven’t got all day!”
“Grumble, grumble”, went the people,
Still they had to pay.

Jesus walked along the line,
Right to the front of the queue.
No one said to him, “Don’t push”,
Because they loved him too.

Jesus said to Matthew
“Come and follow me.”
So Matthew left his money,
And took Jesus home to tea.

For full details see BB Anchors Pro Pack S17


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