S18 Hands

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Aim: To think about what we do with our hands. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-18


• Crayons or felt tip pens
• Card
• Scissors
• Large sheets of paper
• Glue


Ask the young people to draw around their own hand, put their names on them and then cut the shapes out (with help if necessary). These can then be used in the talk.

When people clap their hands it usually means that they are pleased and happy. God wants us to be happy. What do you use your hands for? What did Jesus use his hands for? The touch of someone’s hand can give out a message – a tap on the hand to tell you you’ve done something wrong, a hand to take you across the road to make you feel safe, a hand pointing the way, a friendly wave of the hand. Try to use your hands for Jesus this week.

Paste all the hands onto a large sheet of paper and display them on a wall/board etc.

Bless our hands and may the things they do be kind and loving, strong and good. Amen.

For full details see BB Anchors Pro Pack S18


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