S2-2 Creation

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Introduction: Give every child some craft materials — playdough, plasticine. paper and scissors or colouring pens. Ask them to make something out of it in a minute and when the time is up ask them if they had long enough to make something that was good. Then introduce Creation and how God made everything including each person present in six days and how he thought it was good. Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack S-2-2


Activity 1

Activity 2
Cards with animal pictures on them. (Cat, dog, monkey, tiger).

Activity 3
• Bowl
• Ingredients
• Spoons


Activity 1 - Creation Talk

Aim: To listen to the Biblical story of Creation from Genesis 1 & 2

In the Beginning - Genesis 1-2

Tell the story of creation in an age appropriate way.

Get the children settled for story time and begin by asking if they have ever thought about the world and where it came from.

The Bible says that God created the world and everything in it. He put the stars in the sky, he put all the fish in the sea, he made you and he made me. And God loves us so much, because he thought about all of the things that we would need and put humans in charge over everything, but God is in charge of us.

The Bible is the most important book you will ever read. You can find all the answers to all the questions about how everything began. Our memory verse is the first verse of the Bible and it says Genesis 1:1 In the beginning. God created the heavens and the earth.

God created everything in six and days and rested on the seventh day. To reinforce the story you have read in Genesis you could ask the children to sort a series of pictures or bible verses into the correct order.

Activity 2 - Meeting The Animals

Aim: To become an animal and to find another animal the same as you.

• Remind the children on which day God created the animals.
• The idea of the game is to get into an animal character and to act it out and find another child who is the same animal as you and to get together and play as animals.
• Give each child an animal card and tell them that they need to get into that animal character. For example — if the child is a monkey they could jump about and swing their arms and make monkey noises.
• Let them spend a few minutes roaming around the room until you give the signal to find their partner animal. Then they have to move around and get into pairs of animals or threes if you have an odd number of children.
• Then they must play together as animals. You could have some toys or treats that you hand out and see how they respond. E.g. cat toys, bananas, balls, dog bone etc.
• Let the game run until the children have had time to explore and play freely together.
• Then ask the children to bring their toys back to you and to hand in their cards.

• It is a good idea to let the children explore with this game. Some may be shy and unsure of how to respond but by finding a mate they may have more fun with it.
• As leaders you could act out your own animal to give them some ideas before you start the game.
- Have a signal that they know means that they must lie down if they hear that sound.

Extension Tasks/Adaptations:
You can ask the pairs of animals to do different things — find food, go to sleep, chase each other, play together etc.

Activity 3 - Creation Sundae

Aim: To make a sundae on the basis of the creation story.

Have all you need to hand. Have wet wipes and a cloth — make sure that the children are either wearing aprons or carefully watched so that they do not get covered in cream.

• Day1 Day and Night
Start off with an empty bowl or ice cream sundae glass. Ask the children to tell you what God created on the first day. For the day add squirty cream or ice cream. For the night, add chocolate crushed biscuits or chocolate chips.

• Day 2 Sky
Ask the children what God created on the second day For the sky add marshmallows

• Day 3 Earth/Sea/Plants
Ask the children what God created on the third day. Add green sweets and blue Smarties to represent the earth or sea.

• Day 4 Sun/Moon/Stars
Ask the children what God created on the fourth day. You can add sprinkle stars, white chocolate chips, or other sweets or that look like the sun and moon..

• Day 5 Fish/Birds
Ask the children what God created on the fifth day Add fizzy fish or birds.

• Day 6 Animals/Man and Woman
Ask the children what God created on the sixth day Add animal biscuits and 2 jelly babies for the man and woman.

• Day 7 Rest
Ask the children what God created on the seventh day. Nothing.

Then talk about how God rested on the seventh day and said, ‘It is very good.’ Then look at the Sundae and ask the children what they think of it and ask if they would like to share it with you.

• It may help to make more than one — break into smaller groups with different leaders.
• Any of the ideas can be substituted and different ingredients can be used

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack S2-2


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