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Challenge: Send in an article for ‘Blink’ or ‘The Gazette" Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 17




Send in an article to either ‘Blink magazine for young people in the BB or to ‘The Gazette’ for leaders in the BB

What can be sent in?

A story about an activity that either your Company has taken part in or you have as an individual.
Good news
Something new or different
Try and include picture where possible.
Make it stand out and exciting.

Both magazines are published by BBUK Headquarters with Blink being sent out in January, April, October and the Gazette in January, April, July, October each year. To meet the deadlines for being included in the next edition, articles need to be received at BBUK Headquarters on the 1st of the month, 2 months before publication e.g. 1st February for the April edition. The Gazette is sent out to over 11,000 leaders and Blink to over 4,000 young people — so if your article makes it to press then it’s guaranteed to be read by thousands of others in the BB around the UK and Republic of Ireland! You could even be a regular contributor,...

Look at w.boys-brigade.org.uk and wv.b-link.org.uk for the latest information on the publications and how to send in articles.

Tips / Advice:
When submitting photos for publication ensure that you have the permission to use those pictures.

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 17


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