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Aim: To gain a knowledge of BB around the world and to explore partnership possibilities with one specific country. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Community Project C-2


Taster 1
Internet access www.globaIfeIIowship.net
BB Gazettes (Leaders should have copies)
World maps (political)

Taster 2
as required



Taster 1 - Its A Small World

Aim: To learn about the work of the Global Fellowship

The Boys’ Brigade is a worldwide organisation; started in Scotland in 1883 the organisation has spread around the globe and operates in over 60 countries around the world. The Global Fellowship is the body which unites The Boys’ Brigade and other kindred Christian Youth Organisations together worldwide.

Find out what is already known about The Boys’ Brigade overseas, as some may already have some knowledge from topics in the Discover programme.

Think about:
• What would be familiar and what would be different across countries?
• Where does BB operate?
• Why is it in these countries and not others? This could be related to the movement of people in late 19th/early 20th centuries throughout the former British Empire/Commonwealth.

Find out more details about one specific country and how to develop links with the RB there, e.g. pen pals, email, financial support, visit etc.

Is it feasible to link with other countries? If so, in what ways?

Tips / Advice:
Many Companies in UK have links with BB in other countries and it may be useful to consult them. Contact RB HQ or the Global Fellowship for more details on contacting BB around the worls.

Taster 2 - Global Themed Evening

Aim: To organise and run a themed evening for younger members of the Company based on a particular country.

This activity will best be done over two weeks, the first to plan and the second to enjoy the fruits of your work:

• Choose the country.
• Discuss activities related to that country (Do not stereotype).
• Plan a number of activities related to the theme for younger members to participate in, e.g. games, quiz, food, devotions, teaching about BB in that country.
• Allocate different activities to plan to different members of the group.
• Allocate a budget that has to be worked to.
• Ensure that you have determined a plan for evening.
• Now run the evening for others.

Do some background research about the country and its culture.

Tips / Advice:
Remember to evaluate the evening:
• What went well, what would you do differently next time?
• Ask the participants how they felt the evening went?

Christian Faith - Prayer Partners

Aim: To commit to pray for the issues affecting BB members in a specific country or region.

Through the project and tasters there will have been both similarities and differences between BB members in different countries. One thing to remember is that however far apart we are, we are all part of God’s family. Look at specific issues that affect a country. This could be personalised if a link has been established.

Produce a prayer wall by drawing an outline of the country on a piece of paper, then use post-it notes to stick your prayers onto the country.

Think about:
• What issues could be prayed for?
• What issues are affecting our young people that members in other countries could pray about?
• How people could know they are being prayed for?

Look for answers to prayer and share these

Tips / Advice:
Have a look at www.bepartofamiracle.org.uk, http://youth.tearfund.org, and www.24-7prayer.com.

Project - Go & Experience

Aim: To explore methods of making a link with BB in another country

Project Description:
Through the taster(s) you might have determined a country with which you might want to establish links. Many churches already have links with specific countries and may be involved in sponsorship of individuals/families who are undertaking work there. It may be appropriate to use these links:

• Determine how to collect as much information about the country as you can, sources will include the internet, atlas, travel agents.

• What type of links can be established? It is relatively easy to simply be informed about the country and about the BR there. It will be more effective if these links can be made at a personal level. The Global Fellowship www.globalfellowship.net will be able to provide contact details for the BR in that country. It will then be possible for direct communication to take place.

• Is it possible to arrange a visit to the country and see the BR? A number of Companies do this so do not be deterred from investigating the feasibility. When investigating the possibility of a visit, factors which need to be considered are: when to go, travel arrangements, accommodation, what to do whilst there (going to carry out a specific project or is this a holiday?), insurances, vaccinations, overall costs.

It is likely that Trust Funds can be approached to support the funding of the venture, especially if going to carryout a project. RB HQ will be able to provide links with Companies in the UK who have carried out similar ventures so their experiences can be shared and lessons learned.

Putting together a feasibility study for the venture is very important; this should include all of the factors listed above. Involvement of leaders from the Company and the support of parents will be essential to enable such a venture to take place.

Tips / Advice:
• Sometimes it is easy to perceive that, if a trip is organised, it is all about going out to help and to sort out problems. Try to establish a partnership approach with the idea that any link will have mutual benefit and is a
learning opportunity for all.

• At an early stage do look for support/advice from other groups that have tackled this type of venture.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
• A risk assessment must be carried out for the country and project (if applicable), for help with this check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for advice at www.fco.gov.uk.

• Often establishing links with groups in a developing country may result in requests for help, funding etc. Be aware of this and ensure that if personal email contacts are given, individuals understand they may receive a variety of such requests.

• Permission needs to be obtained from BB HQ for overseas trips.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award:
• This project, dependent on length of time spent and venture undertaken could be used for the service (volunteering) element of the Award or the Residential project at Gold Level.
• Skills

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Community Project C2


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