Photo Treasure Hunt

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A trail around your local area taking photos of locations, details and answers to questions.


Clues & Questions
Answer sheet (if not combined with questions)
Digital Camera (min. 1 per Patrol)


Before the event: Walk around your local area and plan a route around local landmarks or locations. Also set a question at each of these places which will teach the Scouts something about the location.

On the night:
Each Patrol get a question sheet, answer sheet, map and camera.
Set an amount of time that they should use to try and visit each location on the question sheet. At these locations they should take a photo of the location and answer the question(s). Bonus points could be awarded for 'artistic' photos if you wish.
At the end of the night, collect in the answers and cameras.

Mark the questions and go through the photos to check they have taken the correct photos. We awarded 1pt for a photo, 1pt for a correct answer to a question and 1bonus point for an atistic photo. This could be done on the night if you have time, otherwise announce the results at the next troop meeting.
A variation: Scouts in patrols are given separate lists of locations and historical events in town. Scouts take digital camera to locations, decide which event took place in each location (clues could be given), they photograph brief re-enactments at each location (complete with the obligatory cheesy grins) and return to base after visiting all locations or running out of time. Points for correct event re-enactment at each location and for photo imagination.


  • explore
  • fitness
  • local knowledge
  • navigation
  • outdoors
  • photography
  • Team challenges
  • visits
  • walk

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