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Challenge: To start a bonfire without a match. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 118


• Magnesium and flint block
• Magnifying glass
• Fire blanket
• Water


Follow the instructions in the Survivor project to build the fire and then light it using one of these techniques.

1. Use a little magnesium and flint block:
Scrape a pile of magnesium shavings on your tinder and strike a spark off the flint. The magnesium will ignite and hopefully start flame in your tinder. Once it begins to smoke, hold the tinder in your hands to allow oxygen in through the bottom and blow gently from underneath.

2. Use a magnifying glass on a sunny day:
Angle the magnifying glass in the sun over the tinder so that the focal point is directly on the pile. Once it begins to smoke you can encourage the flame by blowing gently on the tinder from the bottom. Broken glass, bottles or eyeglasses can also work, if their focal point is bright enough.

3. Use Friction:
Place the point of a straight stick into a groove in a piece of bark or fiat wood. Ideally, both of these pieces contain no sap or moisture. Rub the stick vigorously between your hands, while the point creates friction against the other piece of wood. Eventually the wood will heat until it creates a small ember which you can drop in the tinder.

Tips / Advice:
Follow the instructions from the Survivor project.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Remember to follow the instructions from the Survivor project.

For full details see BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 118.


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