24 Story Time

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Challenge: Read a story book to a group of younger children. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 24


Story Book


Think of a book that you really enjoyed reading when you were young or go to the library and ask them to suggest a book. Make sure it is appropriate for the age range of the group you are reading to. Then follow these tips:

• Get the group you are reading to comfortable.
• Show the cover and read the title and author of the book.
• Ask some or all of the following questions:
— What do you think this book is about? Why?
— Where do you think the story takes place?
— Flip through the pages and point out the illustrations to the children. Ask them to make predictions based on what they see in the book.
— Discuss things that the children might have in common with the characters or the setting of the story.

• Start reading, but remember to do the following:
— Change your voice to fit the mood or action.
— Don’t lose your place.
— Show The pictures and talk about The book as you read.
— Ask children to make predictions about the plot, the characters, and the setting.
— Share your own thoughts about the story.
— Allow children to ask questions or make comments, but only when they put up their hand.

• After you have read the story ask questions about it:
— What is the title of the story?
— Where does the story take place?
— Who is the most important character? Why?
— How did the story make you feel?
— Has anything that takes place in the story ever happened to you?
— What is your favourite part of the story and why?

Tips / Advice:
Try not to be embarrassed about putting on funny voices and entering into the spirit of the book.

For full details see BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 24


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