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Challenge: Organise a Seniors’ BBQ. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 49


BBQ (gas or charcoal, depending on numbers you may need more than one)
Cooking Utensils (eg. tongs, spatula/tuner/slice, cooking fork)
Food (as required)


Organise a BBQ during the summer months for all the Seniors in your Battalion. You will need to find an appropriate date and time and most importantly a venue. An ideal venue could be a leader’s house or with permission one of your own homes (permission should be obtained from Parent/Carers). Ideally you will be looking for somewhere with a large garden.

Think About
• What different food could you do? Food is the most important part of a BBQ, so decide what your budget will allow you to eat. Some ideas could include burgers, sausages, ribs, chicken and an assortment of kebabs/skewers plus you could try some fish! Be creative as there are lots of different things you could do especially when creating your own kebabs and skewers. Don’t forget to add peppers, mushrooms, onions and other vegetables. You could also do something sweeter on The BBQ including skewers of marshmallows, fruit and sweets!

• How will the costs of the BBQ be covered? Will people pay to come along, has the Company given you a budget, or will people be told what food to bring and share?

• Who is going to do what? Allocate different roles for individuals including cooks, preparation, publicity, welcoming.

Tips / Advice:
Remember this should be an alcohol free event, even if some of you are 18 years old!

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
BBQs involve fire and can be dangerous so ensure you use the BBQ in an appropriate space, preferably a hard standing surface. Have a bucket of water standing by.

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 49


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