JS Badge Jigsaw Relay

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Relay race to fetch pieces and build jigsaw of BB Badge, good on opening night following My Company activities.


BB Anchor printed on thick card, cut into pieces, same number of pieces per squad.


Print coloured BB Badge (from BB Resources) on sheet of A4 card. Badges are cut up into pieces.

Each squad has a complete set turned over and mixed up at the opposite end of the hall / room.

Boys are in squads and take turns to retrieve a single piece of the jigsaw, as a relay race.

The squad must build the jigsaw to complete their BB Badge.

Can be a re-usable resource with jigsaw pieces being kept in poly pockets, or squads can use a glue stick to stick their completed jigsaw to a fresh sheet of paper, winners are first squad to be able to hold up their completed badge. Completed badges can then be put on display board for their squad.


  • Badge
  • jigsaw
  • relay race

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