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Aim: To create a functioning business model and to take on specific roles within it. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Life Skills Project L-7


Taster 1 & 2
Flip chart

Taster 3
Items that you are willing to sell

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Taster 1 - The Apprentice

Aim: To observe and evaluate a business model created to deliver a given task.

The Apprentice is a reality television show that is billed as The Ultimate Job Interview”. In the show a group of 15-18 business people compete in an elimination-style competition for a one-year, £100,000 —. job working for one of Alan Sugar’s companies.

• Show an episode of The Apprentice. It may be better to use an episode from a previous series if possible so that the group are not so familiar with the outcome.
• As you watch the episode fill out the “Project Information” template. You may like to stop the play back to allow discussion in small groups.
• Stop the recording just before the board room scene.

Think about:
• Which of the two teams does the group think is the winner? Ask for reasons and note on the flip chart (winning is usually the most profit made).
• What is the role of the team leader?
• What other roles were determined?
• Was there delegation of responsibilities’
• Would this group have approached the task in any other way?
• At the end of an episode a member of the losing team is always fired. Who would the group fire and why?

Watch the remainder of the episode and discuss the outcome in the episode compared with the initial predictions.

• Record an episode of The Apprentice. It may be better to use an episode from a previous series if possible so that the group are not so familiar with the outcome.
• Watch the episode in advance.

Tips / Advice:
• • The language in some episodes can be colourful and you may need to consider this.

Taster 2 - Dragons Den

Aim: To observe and comment on presentations and feasibility of ideas of a variety of entrepreneurs.

Dragons Den is a television programme that consists of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to secure investment finance from business experts — the “Dragons”. The contestants are people who have what they consider to be a viable and potentially very profitable business idea, but who lack funding. In return for financial backing, the contestants give the Dragons a percentage of the company’s stock, which is the chief point of negotiation. The contestants must make a presentation to pitch their idea, and the Dragons then probe the idea further, often revealing an embarrassing lack of preparation on the pan of the contestants or uncovering troubling facts, and consequently rejecting the investment.

• Ask someone to outline the object of the programme.
• Watch one of the entrepreneur’s pitches to the Dragons.
• Stop the recording at the end of the pitch and ask group members if they think that the Dragons will invest,
• Determine the information that the Dragons will need to ascertain before investing their money, e.g. cost of sates, firm orders, sates projections etc.
• Watch the interrogation by the Dragons and discuss.

Now it is time for the group members to take the place of the Dragons.
• Watch two pitches from two entrepreneurs (without the questioning from the Dragons).
• Give each group member a certain amount of money each.
• Having watched the clips, what questions would they ask and in which product would they invest. Remember that in the programme, the Dragons can compete against each other to invest in the product.
• Watch the outcome of the bidding on TV and discuss as a group the outcome

• Ensure that the group members understand the nature of the programme, especially the request from the entrepreneur, e.g. if they are asking for £30,000 for a 15% stake of the business, then they are valuing the business at £200,000.
• Record appropriate clips and ensure you know when to stop the recording.

Tips / Advice:
• • Run through the clips prior to the session so that you are comfortable and familiar with where recording needs to stop.

Taster 3 - BB-Ebay

Aim: To introduce basic trading skills

Ebay the online auction web site was founded in San Jose, California, on September 3rd 1995, by French-born Iranian computer programmer Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb. The very first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer for $14.83. Astonished, Omidyar contacted the winning bidder to ask if he understood that the laser pointer was broken. In his responding email, the buyer explained: I’m a collector of broken laser pointers.”

Have a look at the Ebay web site (wvntebay.co.uk) to see how it operates. Have members of the group ever bought or sold anything on e-bay? To register to trade on c-bay people have to be at least 18, but looking at the site will establish the principles. There are a number of 88 items on c-bay to view. Guess The value of particular SB items and then see what price they are selling for on e-bay. Prepare to be surprised.

Set up an auction within the group/Company as a fundraiser for a particular project:
• Gather together a number of items to sell, They can be collected from other members of the company, or can be supplied by the members of the group.
• This could include auctioning themselves for a particular task or skill such as an hour’s baby sitting.

If you are going to guess the price of items you will need to download photographs of them.

Tips / Advice:
Make sure you have permission to actually sell any items. It may be advisable to inform your church if you are planning an auction or fundraising event.

Christian Faith - Ethical Business

Aim: To discuss how to be a good employer, make money, and treat suppliers and workers in a non-exploitative manner.

There are many relevant activities related to Fair Trade. A good introduction to this might be to play the Banana game detailed in the Discover programme, e.g. if a banana costs a certain amount, how much should each of the groups involved getting it to market receive?

Read Luke 19:1 — 9. Zacchaeus the tax collector put money ahead of everything until his encounter with Jesus.

Think about:
• What was Zacchaeus’ attitude to money?
• How did this effect him?
• What would Jesus expect in our business dealings?

Read Luke 16:1 — 13. Jesus said that it was not possible to serve two masters, God & money.

Think about:
• Why has the pursuit of money become so important in society?
• What is a healthy attitude towards money?
• What do you do with your money? Could you give some away?
• Do you know what tithing is? Tithing is giving 10% of your money away.
• Do you feel blessed by what you have?

• How do you use your money?
• Do you try and serve two masters?
• Could you bless others with your money? Who could you help by giving them money?

Pray that God will help you know how to use your money, that you will be generous, and look to bless others with what you have been blessed with.

- Research a fair trade game.

Project - Young Enterprise

Aim: To work as a group/groups to develop a money making idea using roles to develop individual skills

Project Description:

This project looks at how you can set up a fully functioning business:
• Arrange a visit to a local business or arrange for people involved in the business to come and talk to the young people.
• The business should be something that has an end product.
• Determine the different roles in the business that result in the manufacture of a finished product. There could be a Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, production team etc.
• What skills are needed to fulfil these roles?

Form groups depending on numbers and task them to manufacture a marketable product. Think about:
• What roles are needed and who will fulfil them?
• What capital do you have?
• When will you schedule meetings?

Remember to evaluate the business:
• How did people feel in their role?
• Were they allowed to use their skills or did they feel lack of control?
• At the end of the period is there a marketable product?
• Have you made a profit?
• Who would Sir Alan Sugar fire? Hopefully no one!

Tips / Advice:
An example of a product might be to make a Company Calendar.

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Life Skills Project L-7


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