259 scout smugglers

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The Activity will take place at Redmires reservoirs. The scouts will have to obtain the correct equipment by smuggling (fake) money past the leaders who are patroling the area.


First Aid kits
'bomb' - boom stick
'equipment' - hairspray, tennis ball, pioneering pole (X3)
fake money


The scouts will be split into there patrols, they will be briefed about what they are going to do.
objective: The task will be to get from there start location with a money to the other base without being caught by leaders. if they are caught they have to hand therer money in and go to the start to get more. once past the leaders they will have to buy the items needed to shoot the boom stick, they have to carry the items with them at all times untill they have all of the needed parts.
general injury's - at each base will be a leader with a first aid kit and phone.
Boom stick - A certified firing expert will aid in the firing, if the leader feels like it is too much of a danger they will not let the scouts fire cannon.
communication - The megaphone will be located at the firing zone if needed
minimal light - all scout are to have a torch IF IT IS NEEDED

An email to be sent out two days before activity to tell parents that adiquette footwear and clothing will need to be warn otherwise the scout will be sent home



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