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Understand the 7 principles of Leave No Trace (Human Impacts)

To appreciate the necessity of caring for the environment. This badge has six challenges, all of which must be completed.


“Human Impact Statements (see overleaf)



The Seven Leave No Trace Principles are:

1) Plan Ahead and Prepare.

2) Be Considerate of Others.

3) Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife.

4) Travel and Camp on Durable Ground.

5) Leave What You Find.

6) Dispose of Waste Properly.

7) Minimise the Effects of Fire.


Each Guide is asked to draw her favourite place in the countryside. After they have finished, they each present their illustration to the group and explain a little bit about why they like this place. Give each girl a slip of paper with different ‘human impacts’ written on them which they must add to their pictures. Examples of ‘human impacts’ include:

Dumping at your site (add black bin bags, broken glass, car tyres and a fridge).

Thoughtless campers move into your favourite place (add bright yellow tents, a big fire, a radio and some food).

People have gone walking all over your favourite place (add in wide muddy trails, big footprints and bare rocks on the paths).

Some people were here before and had lunch (add in food scraps, litter, and some hand soap).

A group of people came through your favourite place collecting natural objects, (remove any flowers, feathers, pretty stones, seeds etc).

A group of people arrived to take some photos of the animals; they were not very thoughtful and pestered the animals so they ran away (Remove all animals, birds, insects and fish).

Some animals found rubbish left by people (add in insects crawling over a fizzy drink bottle, a mouse eating a plastic wrapper).

Debrief: How did the girls feel about making changes to their picture?

How can you prevent such ‘human impacts’ from happening?


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