IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Environmental Awareness Option 03

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Identify different types of pollution & how they affect your area and the wider world.(Ranking Climate Change)

To appreciate the necessity of caring for the environment. This badge has six challenges, all of which must be completed.


 Copy of climate change statements(overleaf) per Patrol
 Scissors



This activity introduces the Guides to the idea that humans are one of the main causes of accelerated climate change.


Divide the Guides into their patrols

Photocopy and cut out the climate change causes statements. Give a set of statements to each group.

Ask the Guides to rank the statements, putting the biggest cause of climate change at the top, the least cause at the bottom.

Note: There is no correct order to the statements. This activity is to allow students participate in a democratic discussion.


http://www.trocaire.org/sites/trocaire/files/education/lent2015/clim ate-primary-resource-trocaire.pdf


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