IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Environmental Awareness Option 04

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Compare renewable and non-renewable energy sources.(Energy Burst)

To appreciate the necessity of caring for the environment. This badge has six challenges, all of which must be completed.





Compare renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Identify how renewable energy sources can be used in a home.


Note: This is only an introduction game. Guides have the capacity to learn a lot more about this topic.

WHAT TO DO: Tell the girls they must run around whenever you say

“on” and run on the spot whenever you say “off” Gradually introduce some other actions as well which represent different sources of electricity, including:

• Hydroelectricity (girls could make a big swoosh like a waterfall)

• Wind power (rotate arms like a windmill and make blowing noises)

• Nuclear Power (do a star jump)

• Wave Power (everyone lines up and does a Mexican wave)

• Coal (make digging actions)

• Solar Power (fan yourself like you’re really hot)


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