Giant Clue/Cluedo Game

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A blown up version of the board game Cluedo to play in teams.


Game cards (we printed them at A4 size and laminated them)
6 playing pieces labelled as characters (or labels for a team member to be the character - but if you have less than 6 teams you will need spare pieces to use for the making suggestions part of game play)
Giant die (single dice)
Giant playing board on groundsheet (or room labels and newspaper squares/chalk to mark out a board on the floor)
Envelope marked confidential (large enough to fit 3 cards)
Poster with game instructions
Props - pipe, candlestick, rope, knife, wrench/spanner and toy gun
Notepad sheet per team


Set up: Make up the game pieces from the attached documents.
Create a playing board on a groundsheet, or use newspaper squares or chalk to draw out the game board on a hall floor (using single trails from room to room instead of the entire grid may make this easier).

Simplified rules (we wrote these on a large poster for everyone to read):

Mr Boddy is dead. You must find out Who did it? Where? and How?

Each team chooses a character token.
Divide the laminated cards into Rooms, Weapons and Suspects.
Shuffle each pile face down and put one card from each into the casefile envelope in the middle of the playing area.
Shuffle the remaining cards together and deal them all out to the teams playing. Teams can tick them off in their player notebooks.

If a team is on the board they roll the die and move in any direction around the board towards a room. If they enter a room in that turn they can make a SUGGESTION.
If a team is already in a room at the start of a turn they can either:
B) Use a Secret Passage (corner rooms only) and make a SUGGESTION in the new room
C) Throw the die to move out of the room. If they reach a new room in that throw they can make a SUGGESTION

Move a suspect token* and a weapon into the room.
Announce "We suspect (Suspect) using (Weapon) in (Room you are in).
e.g. We suspect Miss Scarlet in the Lounge with the Candlestick.

Your opponents then try to disprove your suggestion, starting with the team on your left. If they have any of the cards you named they show you one only. If they have nothing to show the next team gets a chance. As soon as one team shows one card the turn is over.

*If a team's token is moved as part of a SUGGESTION they start their next turn from that room.

You may only make one ACCUSATION per game, so you need to be very sure you know what is in the envelope before you make it.

Announce "We accuse (Suspect) using (Weapon) in (Room you are in)" and then check the envelope (don't let other teams see). If correct, reveal the cards and the team has won. If wrong, your team becomes a non-playing character, showing cards when asked, but not taking turns.

You can make your ACCUSATION on any of your turns, with or without making a SUGGESTION first.

When moving round the board, any number of tokens may be on a square or in a room.


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