Things Guides and Girl Scouts Share

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A relay for girls to find out what Guides and Girl Scouts around the world share (sometimes called Links of Unity)


Slips of paper with things Guides and Girl Scouts officially share, and some things that they unofficially share, or are only used by some Guide/Girl Scouts (one per line on the attached document)

Things Guides and Girl Scouts have in common:
Promise badge/pin, usually with the shape of a trefoil
World Badge
World Flag
World Thinking Day
Motto – Be Prepared
Left Handshake
Guide Sign
Good Turn (Random Act of Kindness)
World Song
World Centres
Founder – Robert Baden Powell
World Chief Guide – Olave Baden Powell

Unofficial things they often also share:
Campfire singing
Service/Community Action


Line patrols up at one end of the hall.
Lay the strips of paper out at the other end (mix them up from the order printed)
Tell the guides they are aiming to just collect the things Guides and Girl Scouts officially have in common, but it doesn't matter if they also bring back some of the other things.
On go a girl from each team runs up and brings back one piece of paper, next girl in her team goes as soon as she returns, until the teams don't want to collect any more.
Have the teams sort their collections.
Go through what they have collected - during the discussion you may wish to ask them the motto, show them a world badge and flag and discuss the parts and meaning, demonstrate the guide sign and handshake and talk bout the origins etc., or you may just define things and cover those with just the girls who working on Starting the Adventure Challenge at another time.

The point of the exercise is to increase their knowledge, not to catch them out as "wrong" about what they chose.


  • Guide sign
  • left handshake
  • links of Unity
  • Motto
  • things guides share
  • Things we have in common
  • world badge
  • world centres
  • world song
  • world thinking day

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