IGG Free Being Me Session 1 Take Part Pledge*(7-10yrs)

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Every participant agrees out loud to actively take part and have fun in this session of Free Being Me, helping them to contribute more openly to the activities and leading to a bigger impact on their body confidence.




Bring the group together into a circle. Thank everyone for attending and ask them to shout their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the first session of Free Being Me.

"Are you ready to take part and speak out in the first session of Free Being Me, and have fun along the way? If So, Shout YES I AM"

Remember that the support prompts (the sentences in italics) are there to help you deliver the key messages in a really effective way. It’s ok to paraphrase these as long as the message stays the same.

Encourage every participant to take part in the pledge; see the leader guide page 9 to learn more.

To make this more fun, you could ask everyone to do an action when they shout “YES I AM”.
For example, try asking everyone to jump up or into the circle all at the same time, high five the person nearest them or try a ‘Mexican Wave’ where each person raises their hands one after the other. As the Take Part Pledge opens every Free Being Me session, you could try a different action each time.


  • 7-10 years
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  • Free Being Me
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