Minute to Win It

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A series of small challenges suitable for keas


Biscuits, Marshmallows, M&Ms or Pebbles, Straws, coins or film canisters or something to stack, Ping pong balls, bowls, spoons, Balloons, Shaving Cream, Ice cream sticks, Hula Hoop, little weatbags or soft balls, pompoms or marbles.


Cookie Face - 1 Cookie is placed on the forehead and contestant must transfer it to there face without using there hands only using only there face muscles.
Suck it up - Using a straw and either pebbles, marshmallows or m&ms contestant must transfer item using the straw to suck it up and hold it from one bowl to another (good for rely style too)
Stack it up - using film canisters, coins, or something stackable, how tall can they stack a tower in 1 minute
Scoop it up - using a spoon and ping pong balls in a bowl, they have to transfer ping pong balls from one ball to another only using the spoon in there mouth.
Defy Gravity - keep 3 balloons in the air as long as possible (or for 1 minute)
Pomallow race - using pompom or ping pong ball or marble one must move the pompom from one line to another by blowing on it.
Hutt Hike - 1 contestant holds the hoop in front of them no lower than knee height, the other must stand with there back to them about 5 - 10 m away and throws the weatbags through there legs trying to get it through the hoop.
Mystery mayhem - inflate a balloon as tight as you can and cover in lots of shaving cream. One must shave the balloon with an ice cream stick without popping the balloon ;)



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