IGG Free Being Me Session 3 Airbrushing Spot the difference* (7-10yrs)

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Participants see that pictures in the media aren’t always true, as they have often been changed using airbrushing


Airbrushing Spot the difference Sheet 3.1


Remember the ‘perfect-looking’ princess list we created in our first Free Being Me session? The problem is, if girls don’t look like the fairy tale princess they might feel left out, and feel bad about themselves.

By having one look that gets put forward as being beautiful, it leaves everyone feeling left out because nobody really looks exactly like fairy tale princesses in real life.

Did you know that even celebrities, film stars and real life princesses don’t always actually look like the
pictures you see of them? This is because of computer airbrushing. Does anyone know what airbrushing is?

Discuss with participants until everyone understands the concept of airbrushing and digitally altering images. This is when images of people, often celebrities or models, are changed using a computer, to look more like society’s idea of a ‘perfect’ look. This isn’t what they look like in reality!

Working in small groups, give each group a copy of the airbrushing sheet. Ask them to spot the differences between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images, and mark them on the sheet.

When everyone has finished, read out the answers so groups can see how many changes they spotted.

Talk about
Was it easy to spot all the differences?

If you had only seen the ‘after picture, do you think you would’ve realised it had been airbrushed?

If even celebrities and film stars get airbrushed, do you think it’s possible for anyone in real life to naturally look like these pictures?

Do you think it’s fair that we don’t get to see pictures showing people as they really are?

What would you say to a friend to tell them why they shouldn’t bother comparing themselves to airbrushed photos in magazines and on TV?


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