IGG Free Being Me Session 3 CHANGE THE MEDIA* (7-10yrs)

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Outcome: Participants challenge the media message that there’s only one way to look beautiful by creating their own media piece, sending a positive story to help others be body confident. 7-10 year olds


drawing materials
role play props


You have been given the chance to take over the media – like the TV or a magazine – to share one quick message with the world to inspire people to feel confident about who they are, and what they look like. Let’s prove the media wrong, and show that there isn’t just one way to look beautiful!

The task is to create a mock media story that participants can share in three minutes. It can be in any form, but should give one of the messages participants have learned from Free Being Me.

1) What do you want to say?

Before groups start developing their story, ask them to agree the key message they want to give, and write it down.For example (key message shown as part of a headline):

“Breaking news – there isn’t only one way to be beautiful! Reports from around the world prove there are many different ways to look good.”

“Free to be me – an interview with an Olympic athlete who tells us why what her body can do matters more than what it looks like.”

“Looking good, MY way. A new magazine is launched to celebrate feeling good about who you really are, instead of comparing yourself to the media.”

“New number one hit inspires girls to shout about how great they are, on the inside!”

2) How do you want to say it?
Groups can choose any type of media they want, such as:
News story Magazine front cover Music video Advertisement
Radio jingle Interview Cartoon

Give groups about 20 minutes to prepare, and give enough time for everyone to perform or share their media piece in front of a group.

Thank the groups for their hard work.

Talk about
Did you enjoy seeing everyone’s media moments?
Would it be good if messages like these were sent by the media in real life?
What was your favourite body confidence message?


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