B2-6 Healthy Living

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Aim: To promote healthy living. Introduction: Healthy living, exercise and a good diet is important for overall good health. it is good to educate children when they are young so that they can develop a positive attitude towards healthy living and understand the best foods to include in meals, and those that should be avoided. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack, Body B-2-6


Activity 1
• Food items template
• Dice
• Timer

Activity 2
• Pens/pencils
• Paper
• Coloured pencils

Activity 3
• Flying disks or Frisbees
• Hula hoops


Activity 1 - Build A Meal

Aim: To create a healthy meal by finding food items around the hall space as a team.

Cut out and hide the pictures of food around the hall.

• Tell the children that today they will be preparing a healthy meal.
• Each team in turn should roll the dice.
• This will allow them the number on the dice x10 seconds to find one food picture and bring it back to their team.
• They must build a healthy meal between them.
• Once each team member has had a go get the teams to share their meal with you and let the group discuss how healthy that food is.
• You could decide on the healthiest meal and let one team win or end with the discussion.

Activity 2 - Healthy Living

Aim: To look at healthy living, test the children’s knowledge and create a poster.

Healthy living is a way of saying a person eats well, gets a lot of exercise, and has a healthy weight. If you live healthily, your body will work well, you will feel good, and you will be able to do all the things you want to, like running around and playing with your friends.

There are things that you can do to make healthy living part of your life. We have five ways to do this:

• Eat a range of foods, including lots of fruit and vegetables. Try to taste new food.
• Drink Water and Milk instead of sugary and tizzy drinks. Much better for you and your teeth! The water will make you hydrated and help your brain to work well and the milk will build you strong bones and teeth. Juice is good but not too often.
• Know when you are full up. It’s important to stop eating when you are full up. That doesn’t mean that you can leave your vegetables and only eat the other food on your plate. Vegetables are your friend.
• Limit the time you spend watching TV, playing computer or console games or watching DVD’s. You need to be active, riding your bike, swimming, playing in the garden or the park. It is best to limit screen time to no more than 2 hours per day.
• Be active — when you are a child you can try different sports or activities and find out which ones you like the best Things like football, dance, swimming, riding your bike, skate boarding, karate. cheerleading ....there are so many. These are very important and we need to be active every day.

Now we are going to do a small quiz to see what you know about healthy foods!

Do the quiz as a whole group.

Food Quiz

There are a set of questions below, there is not necessarily only one answer and the leader should accept any answer they believe is reasonable for the question.

1. What is the first meal of the day beginning with B?
2. Is eating lots of sweets good for you?
3. If you eat lots of sweets and don’t clean your teeth, who might you have to go and see?
4. Think of two ways you can eat or cook eggs.
5. Apples, bananas and pears are different types of....?
6. Which should you try to eat every day, chips, chocolate or fruit?
7. Carrots, peas and onions are different types of...?
8. Name a red fruit.
9. Name a green vegetable.
10. What white drink helps to keep your teeth and bones strong?
11. How many portions of fruit and vegetables should you try to have a day?
12. What is the word beginning with 0 that means all of the food and drink we take in? Some

people have a good D and others have a bad D. We should all try to have a better D and eat healthy food.

We are going to make posters now using this knowledge we have of the five ways to follow healthy living. Then you can tell your mums and dads and those that look after you how you are going to be a fit kid, and how they can be a healthy mum and dad.

Tips / Advice:
This is quite a simple but effective session. Be sure to put younger children with older children to encourage them to have a go.

Activity 3 - Hoola Frisbee Hoop

Aim: This is an easy fitness activity that will make the exercise fun and the children won’t notice that they are working out When you motivate children to be active, they will be happier, healthier, and have fun.

This is an easy fitness activity that will have the children running around the hall having fun

• Place the children get into pairs or threes.
• Give each pair or three a hoola hoop and a Frisbee.
• Get the child with the hoola hoop to walk three strides away from the person with the Frisbee.
• The child with the Frisbee then tries to fly the Frisbee through the hoop.
• If they succeed get the hoola hoop to move to five strides away and try again.
• If the child is successful they carry on until they miss.
• They need to remember how many strides they got to.
• The next child has a turn at 3 strides and then five and seven and ten.
• They carry on until you call time.
• The person who gets the furthest is the winner.
• Then get that person to try two more strides.
• This can be a game that is played regularly and where records stand in the group.

This game is an exciting competition for individuals or teams.


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