B2-8 Contact Games

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Aim: To play games that involve physical contact Introduction: Helping children to develop requires us to encourage their physical activity. Physical contact games are healthy, fun, sociable and can really make children feel good about themselves. They will improve their capacity to learn, make new friends and feel part of the group and they will also enjoy their time at BB. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack, Body B-2-8


Activity 1

Activity 2
• Newspaper sheets (broadsheets work best)
• Music

Activity 3
• Wool — different colours


Activity 1 - Back to Back

Standing up takes teamwork and a bit of strength and leverage in this pairs game.

• Pair up all the children and have each couple sit on the floor sitting back to back in a line.
• The players should link elbows and bend their knees in front of them.
• The aim is to stand up together using each others strength and support to do so.
• The leader shouts, “On your marks, get set go!” then pairs try to stand up.
• It may take several attempts before any pair manages to get up but the first to get to their feet is the winner.

Activity 2 - Islands In The Sand

Aim: To be standing on a sheet of newspaper when the music stops.

Lay out some large sheets of newspaper around the room — space them out.

• You will need a sheet of newspaper for every five players.
• Spread the newspaper around the room - there should be a good amount of space between each sheet.
• Put some fun and upbeat music on
• This game is like musical chairs, except that when the music stops, everyone must stand on a piece of the newspaper.
• Anyone not standing on newspaper after a few seconds or the last person to get on the newspaper is out.
• That person will then help with judging the next rounds.
• Every couple of rounds take away one sheet of newspaper or tear half off each sheet

This is a game that is fun, fast and forces lots of contact.

Activity 3 - Spider's Web

Aim: To create a spider’s web using wool and to work together to untangle themselves.

• Get all the children to stand around in a large circle
• Give them all a small ball of wool. Use different coloured wool as this makes a much more interesting web,
• Get each child to tie one end of the wool loosely around their waist with a knot.
• When everyone has done this, everyone must throw their ball of wool to anyone else across the circle, all at the same time.
• That person then loops the wool around their waist and throws the wool on to someone else.
• This carries on until they run out of wool.
• This will create a intricate coloured spider’s web which will be hard to escape from.
• Then tell the group that they must now work together to free themselves from the spider’s web.

Tips / Advice:
Use small balls of wool or this game could take hours!


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