B2-10 Relay Games

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Aim: Team building is very important for children. Children are not born with a team mentality and learn through what they see. Many children simply don’t know how to get along with each other or are able to solve a conflict when it occurs. Participating in team building games can help children to belong in a group, learn how to communicate, to cooperate, and how to have teamwork. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack, Body B-2-10


Activity 1
Cones or markers

Activity 2
• Two bowls
• Spoons
• Paper cups

Activity 3
• Egg carton with 6 cups
• Plastic bowl
• Pennies


Activity 1 - Centipedes

Aim: Form a group centipede and run a relay race. But don’t let go of your team.

Before the activity identify an upbeat piece of music.

• Make sure that you have a large enough room or play outdoors.
• The players line up in two lines with their hands on the waist of the player in front of them.
• Place a cone or marker about 15 metres away in front of each team.
• On hearing the signal of the leader the team runs, with the team behind, around the cone or marker and returns back.
• While running no one can take their hands off the waist of the person in front of them. If the chain is broken the team loses the game.
• The first team back wins.
• You can start with one player and add an additional player on each lap until the entire team is moving,

Activity 2 - Spoon Relay

Aim: A relay race where you transport water from a bowl to a paper cup. Fill it up and win!

• Divide the children into two equal teams.
• Set up a chair with a bowl of water and a spoon on it for each team.
• A few steps away set up two more chairs with an empty paper cup on each of them.
• At the whistle the players race to fill the paper cup with water from the bowl using the spoons.
• Players rotate turns until one team wins.

Tips / Advice:
This is a game to be played outdoors.

Activity 3 - Coin Drop

Aim: To develop aiming skills.

• Mark the start and turn back lines about 10 metres apart
• Cut the lids from the egg cartons and place one for each team on the ground midway between the start and turn-back lines.
• Place 20 pennies in each bowl and put a bowl for each team on the turn-back line.

• The teams line up at the start line.
• At ‘Go,” one player from each team races to the turn-back line, picks up one penny from their team’s bowl, and runs to their team’s egg carton.
• There, they get one chance to drop the penny into one cup of the carton — without lowering their arm below waist height.
• They then run back to the start line and the next player goes.
• The game ends when a team has at least one penny in each cup of its egg carton.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack, Body B-2-10


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