IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 02

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Recognise and appreciate differences in others and identify ways to treat people with respect (Time Capsule)


 Questionnaire
 Box or bottle to use as Time Capsule
Colouring pencils


This activity works well at the beginning of the guiding year in September and repeated again at end of the guiding year.
• Give each Brownie the Time Capsule questionnaire (see overleaf)
• Ask the Brownies to fill out the questionnaire answering questions such as their favorite colour, book, tv show, animal, band, etc.
• Encourage the Sixers to help the new recruits complete theirs
• Once completed, Brownies fold questionnaire and place it in a watertight box called the Brownie time capsule.
• In May have the Brownies complete the same questions, then open the one from September and compare their answers.
• To much of their surprise many things will have changed over the course of eight months, they even notice a change in their handwriting.


  • DIfferences
  • Healthy Friendship
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • respect
  • similarities
  • time capsule
  • Trefoil News Autumn 2016

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