IGG Free Being Me Session 4 Pledge Card* (7-10yrs)

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Participants summarise what they have learned from Free Being me, and commit to keeping their learning alive


Copies of sheet 4.2 for each participant, pens, paper.


Give each participant ten minutes to create and decorate their Free Being Me Pledge Card.

Explain that the promise they are being asked to make is about the little things they can do to help themselves, and others, feel more confident about their bodies. For example:

“I promise not to say anything hurtful to my friends that might make them worry about how they look.”

“I promise to remind people that there isn’t just one way to look beautiful.”

“I promise to share what I have learned with my family.”

Congratulate the group on completing their Pledge Cards and encourage them to show their families and friends.


  • 7-10 years
  • activties for 7-10 year olds
  • Free Being Me
  • IGG
  • pledge card
  • self image

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