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80 Googlewhack

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Challenge: Find a google whack. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 80


Internet connection


A Googlewhack is a Google search query consisting of two words, that returns a single result. Record your Googlewhack at www.googlewhack.com.

You need to abide by the following rules...
• Visit Google.
• Submit a query of two words, but don’t use quote marks (quotes tell Google to find the enclosed words immediately adjacent — and that’s too easy!)
• Use no punctuation in your words, and no numbers.
• Words must be between 4 and 30 characters in length.
• Your two words must exist in Google’s dictionary. In the blue bar at the top of your Google results, accepted terms are linked, and so appear underlined.’
• Google is the arbiter of a whack’s uniqueness. Look to the right end of the blue bar atop your Google results. If you see Results 1 — 1 of (any number),’ you found exactly one hit and this is a Googiewhack!
• Google shows you an excerpt of the page you whacked. Look at that text. If it’s merely a list of words (such as a bibliography, concordance, encyclopaedia, glossary, thesaurus, dictionary, domain names, or plain old machine-generated random garbage), this is not a Googlewhack.
• Offensive comments cannot be accepted.

Tips / Advice:
• • Go to www.googlewhack.com for more information.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Make sure that the content viewed on the internet is appropriate for BB.

for full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 80


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